Answers to our most frequently asked questions
Q: I have NEVER done yoga before. Which is the best class to start with?

A: I would stay to start with Fundamentals of Yoga and Asana classes are best.  They are taught in a workshop format to give you a good foundation.  Followed by Yoga Blend or Yoga Flow classes.

Q: How can I pre-register for my own class online?

A: We use MindBody Online to manage our class scheduling.  Sign up for a free account here.  All Nueva Alma clients who purchase one of our regular class packages can pre-register classes online through the Schedule link under the Yoga Classes tab.  MindBody also has a convenient new smartphone app, called MindBody Connect –download the app for your Android or iPhone here.

Q: Why do you encourage pre-registration of classes? Can’t I drop in?

A: For a few reasons.  As you can see the studio space is limited.  We chose to not be a storefront so that we can keep the oasis and sanctuary feel in the space.  We love that you all run off the busy streets to come and find your solace. We try our best to accommodate everyone.  So, yes, of course you can drop in.  However, the other reason we prefer to have you all pre-register is because as you know we are basically a one woman run operation when open.  Sometimes life happens.  Should there be a need to immediately send a last minute update (i.e. the teacher is running late or cancellation), we know exactly who we need to contact and advise.

Q: How can I stay up to date on schedule changes and studio happenings?

A: Several ways.  Erica tries to keep everyone informed by sending bi-monthly schedule updates and reminders.  Here you will see any changes (additional classes added every now and then, a class cancellation and/or teacher change).  She also tries to send a monthly newsletter to tell you of all the other studio happenings (in and out of the studio).  We also try to foster a sense of community.  So, if you ever have a question or any topic suggestions or even just some exciting news to share with your fellow yogis, please let Erica know.  She will do her best to include it in the next newsletter.  If you have not been getting the updates and newsletters, please stop by the reception desk and have the teacher double check the email we have on file for you.  If correct, you may want to check your SPAM file. Please see that you add ” info@nuevaalma.com” and  ”admin@nuevaalma.com” to your safe list.  If you wish to add a second email to the distribution list, please email Erica directly and she will add the alternative email address to the list.  Know that we do not inundate you with emails.  We respect your privacy.  We do not sell or share our clients information.  Another way to stay informed is to find us and “Like” us on Facebook.  All schedule updates and newsletters are also published there.  Our Facebook page is also another way to stay connected to the rest of your yogi community and get daily health tips, food for thought, growth and inspiration.

Q:Why do I have to take my shoes off and shut my phone off (or put on vibrate) when I go in to class?

A: We try to keep the space, particularly the studio room, clear of all disturbances.  It helps keep the sanctuary feel.  Taking the shoes off at the door keeps the floors sanitary and immediately “grounds” the students.

Q: I didn’t finish my entire class pack and it has now expired. Now what? Did I lose all those classes?

A: Technically, yes.  BUT if you purchase another class pack when you return, we will gladly credit you the classes you forfeited.  For example, you had 3 expired classes and purchase a 5 card pack that expires in 2 months.  You will have 8 classes that will expire in the 2 months.

Q: I have an EXPIRED Groupon/Living Social voucher. Do I lose that money?

A: As per our agreements with Groupon and Living Social, we will honor from the expiration date to the one year anniversary of the purchase for the dollar value. Please see Erica directly to go over your best options.

Q – I noticed a recent Groupon and/or Living Social deal. Can I get in on it? It says New Students only. What does that mean?

A: The Groupon and/or Living Social deals are ways for businesses to get in new clientele or reignite the love of yoga from some old friends.  New Students are defined as a student who does not have an active class pack AND has not been in to the studio within the last 13 months (at the time of purchase).  Existing students are not allowed to combine, transfer, or share offerings.  However, existing students are welcome to purchase the offerings as gifts for others.

Q: What are the white panels on the walls?

A: The white panels are heaters.  We try to keep the room warm but not too hot (like other hot yoga styles).

Q: I am pregnant and/or have an injury. What will happen to my class pack?

A: See Erica to make arrangements for a fair time for an extension to your pack.  ** Note: This is for those that are actually pregnant and injured.  Sorry, we cannot extend to “sympathy” friend/supporters who like to come to class with their friend etc…  If you do not come and are not the pregnant/injured individual, then you will be subject to the above class pack that has expired provisions.

Q: Why doesn’t anyone pick up the phone? Why do I have to leave a message and wait for a return phone call?

A: Please understand that the studio opens up a half hour before the class.  It is normally run by the same teacher that is also teaching the class.  The messages are left for Erica to retrieve the next time she is in the studio.  For immediate response, it is best to contact us via the contact us tab.  The emails get sent immediately to the admin folder.  Erica is usually extremely vigilant with the folder in responding within the day (and in most cases within an hour or two.)

Q: Where do I park?

A: This section of McLean has plenty of street parking that does not need a meter.

Q: I practice Bikram. Which class would be best for me?

A: I would say go for the Power Fusion classes mixed up with a yoga blend or yoga flow classes.  Many hot yoga styles tend to stick with balancing and floor postures.  Our classes give just as challenging of a work out with the addition of asanas that help build upper body strength.

Q: Why is there a baby gate on the door and dog house in the studio at times?

A: Our resident Downward Dog specialist’s name is “Jackie.”  That’s Erica’s Jack Russell terrier.  Every now and then she makes an appearance just to make sure you all got your Upward Dogs, Downward Dogs and Savasana’s in order.  You’ll see her floating around in her pink Nueva Alma tee shirt.  She’s super friendly and loves love.  Feel free to say Hi and rub her belly.  But if she doesn’t come to you…  feel free to call her over.  She usually does.  However, if she doesn’t, give her some breathing room she might just be agitated with all the people in and out.  She’ll calm down in a few minutes and be her usual self.

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