Rates, Terms & Conditions

Nueva Alma offers many different rate packages to suit your needs! All VETS receive a 20% discount on all offers!


  • Single Class Drop-In – $25.00
  • Unlimited Monthly (Best Value for 2+ classes/week) – Only $95.00
  • New Student Special – 30 days Unlimited Yoga – $49.00
  • 5 class pack (expires 2 months – $20 per class) – $100.00
  • 10 class pack (expires 3 months – $19 per class) – $190
  • 20 class pack (expires 5 months – $18 per class) – $360.00
  • Mat Rental – $1/Class


* KIDS (Ages 8-12)
$8.00 per class – 10 class pack $75 (Exp. 3 months)
* TEENS (Ages 13+)
$10.00 – 10 class pack $95 (Exp. 3 months)
**New Student waiver required. Must come and attend class under the supervision of their parent or guardian (over 21 years of age).New Student Specials (Purchase online here):

* 7 day unlimited yoga $30 or Bring a FriendBOTH get the special for $25.00 each

Haven’t been to the studio in over 12 months?  Looking to reignite your yoga practice again?  Then you quality for the return student special.  30 days unlimited yoga for $59.00 for your first month back.

Consider Karma Yoga or a Work-Study Program

These tough economic times challenge us to determine which area of our lifestyles hold meaning to us and motivate us to find creative solutions to keep them.  As you consider a work-study program, think about your talents and areas of expertise and invite your studio to capitalize on your skills as you capitalize on theirs. Think about working odd jobs around the studio in exchange for a reduced membership.  Agree to clean the studio once a week, man the reception desk for a few hours a week, or open up daily etc…  We are open and grateful for any and all assistance in keeping the studio going.  Discuss your thoughts with Erica directly.

This program is designed for the serious students of yoga who have discovered the life-changing benefits of a daily practice and the progressive unfolding of greater health, life style changes, joy and vitality that yoga always provides.  There are absolutely no restrictions as to how many pre registered classes per week you may take per week.  *Drop ins and Back to back classes are always based on classes are space availability.

Membership has its benefits:

  • Discounts on studio events – i.e. workshops, life coaching sessions
  • Convenient monthly auto-pay from your credit or debit card
  • Optional 30 day inactive status available to accommodate health issues or extended travel (see restrictions)

Membership is designed for students who see the benefits of a committed wellness and yoga practice. At Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness, we offer a convenient month-to-month membership. The month-to-month membership is open ended with the stipulation of a minimum of six month commitment (see restrictions below).

1. Unlimited Access to Classes. Members shall, upon payment of the Membership Dues set forth, have unlimited access to classes offered by Nueva Alma, LLC (dba Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness) at its studio located at 811 McLean Ave, Suite #4, Yonkers, NY 10704 (the “Studio”). Membership cannot be shared. Memberships can be cancelled or frozen (see restrictions). 

2. Dues. Upon execution of this Membership Agreement, Member shall pay to Nueva Alma, LLC the Membership Dues pursuant to the Member’s chosen payment plan. Month to month membership has a six month minimum commitment.  Cancellation prior to the sixth month will will be subject to an additional month auto payment fee as cancellation fee not to exceed $125.00. Dues will be automatically withdrawn from the Member’s credit/debit card account each month during the term of the Member’s membership with Nueva Alma, LLC. Nueva Alma is in no way, under any circumstances, responsible or obligated to pay for member’s insufficient fund penalties. Member agrees Nueva Alma retains the right to auto draft member’s dues on the credit/debit card/bank account on file including insufficient funds fees/penalties charged to Nueva Alma at the time of auto payment. Upon the receipt by Nueva Alma of written notification of the member’s desire to cancel his/her membership in accordance with the notification requirements of Paragraph 4 below, Nueva Alma shall, after the end of the 30-day notification period, discontinue further automatic withdrawals from Member’s credit card or personal checking account. 

3. Discounts. Discounts are available for the following practioners. Valid id must be shown at time of purchase: (a) active students (full time only) with valid student id; (b) Seniors – age 60 and above with valid id upon purchase or birthday; (c) Active Police/Fire department or Military Personnel with valid id; (d) Educators – full time with valid id; (e) City of Yonkers employees – with valid id; (f) Visiting Yoga Instructors – We welcome all yoga instructors!! To qualify for this discount, please show your active yoga alliance membership or a recent paycheck as proof. 

4. Notification of Cancellation. As a member, you may cancel your membership at any time once you have met the six month minimum commitment. The Member acknowledges and agrees that Nueva Alma will only cancel Member’s membership upon the receipt by Nueva Alma of written notification 30 days prior to the next scheduled auto-pay date. Written notification must be emailed to Nueva Alma atadmin@nuevaalma.com orErica@nuevaalma.com. Nueva Alma will send a confirmation email upon receipt of cancellation email notice from cancelling members. Once a member cancels membership, re-enroll in the membership program will be prohibited for a period of six months. There will be a one-time administrative/cancellation fee charged to the member in the amount of $50, if notified in less than 30 days. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis discussed with Erica Garcia and for the following circumstances; military leave, pregnancy, medical disability, moving outside the studio region (20 miles). In these instances, we will waive the 30 day cancellation policy if notified prior to the automatic payment date. 

5. Inactive Status. Any Member may request to be placed on “Inactive” status after they have paid the minimum six auto payments. “Inactive” status may be due to illness, extended vacation, or other hardship (discussed with Erica) for one (1) month and not to exceed two (2) consecutive months during each twelve (12) month period, and only upon at least fifteen (15) days advance email notice. While on “Inactive” status, a Member will not be charged its monthly membership dues and will not be entitled to membership benefits, including the attendance at yoga classes. Members cannot elect “Inactive” status until one full month after the commencement of this Membership agreement. Please note we do not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. If a member on “Inactive” status wishes to cancel their membership, a charge for one month (at your current membership level) will be incurred on your account. 

6. Breach. If a Member fails to meet any of the terms and conditions of this Membership agreement, including, but not limited to, the payment of any Dues as agreed, Nueva Alma shall be entitled to terminate this Membership agreement without advanced notice and to collect from breaching Member any outstanding amounts owed hereunder, plus costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, if applicable. 

7. Release of Liability. Member acknowledges and agrees that the practice of yoga includes inherent risks and that his/her membership at the Studio is contingent upon Member’s execution of an Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks and Release of Liability Agreement, the terms and conditions of which are incorporated into this Membership Agreement as if restated herein its entirety. 

8.Modification. This Agreement may only be modified by the mutual written agreement of both parties hereto. No oral statement shall in any manner modify or otherwise affect the terms and conditions set forth herein. 

9. Entire Agreement. The parties agree that this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding of the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all previous communications, proposals, representations and agreements whether oral or written relating to the subject matter hereof. 

10. Disputes. The parties consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts located in Yonkers County, New York, in connection with resolving any matter action, or issues that refer to, relate to or concern this Agreement, the interpretation thereof, or any breach thereof. This Agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the state of New York without reference to New York’s choice of law or rules. 

11. Waiver. Waiver by Nueva Alma of any breach of any term, covenant or condition herein contained shall not be deemed a waiver of such term, covenant or condition, or any subsequent breach of the same or any other term, covenant or condition herein contained.