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We are excited to hear you are considering yoga teacher training. This experience is going to be a wonderful one. You will find that at the end of this program you have grown tremendously. Many students embark on teacher trainings in the pursuit of becoming a teacher. However, there are a great many students who embark on this journey purely for that… to embark on a journey of self evolution and self discovery using yoga and all the magnificent tools that will be provided to you. For whatever reason you chose us as your mentors on this journey, we are grateful. We have created a beautiful multifaceted, interdisciplinary curriculum that was created by our very own director and owner of the studio, Erica Garcia. Erica uniquely fused many of the different yoga lineages but also her knowledge as a holistic health coach in to the program. What does that mean? It means that if you dedicate the appropriate time required and follow this mentoring styled teacher training, you will not only deepen your own personal yoga practice, but you leave having gone on a personal journey, while completely supported transitioning you to a compassionate, educated, and well rounded yoga teacher that will not only be teaching asana but impacting the world around you. Wow! So, let’s get started with the application process.

There are 3 simple steps to applying to our teacher training program.  First, please fill in the Teacher Training Application form, then fill out the Health History form, and the last step is to pay the registration fee through our MindBody online system.

The application fee is $100.00. This fee is non-refundable. However, it will be deducted from the overall tuition fee upon acceptance.


Please fill in the following application to be considered as an applicant to our 200 Hour Teacher Training program.

Health History

We ask for a brief health history so we can get to know your unique health issues and concerns.

Registration Fee

Go to the “Online Store” tab, and under “Series and Memberships”, select the second 200 Hour Teacher Training listing, for the $100 registration fee.